Radio Pakistan Lahore’s 76th birthday celebrated

[ 0 ] December 22, 2013

Radio Pakistan Lahore’s 76th birthday celebrated

LAHORE: After completing 76 years since its inception, Radio Pakistan Lahore celebrated its 76th birthday on Friday at Aiwan-e-Iqbal.

Founded on December 16, 1937 in Lahore, Radio Pakistan Lahore has been airing its programs with different effects. Soon the station became a cultural and literary nerve centre of the country.

On its 76th birthday celebration, the speakers participating in an event discussed the role of radio. They appreciated the role of the radio as a prime entertainment and art institution of the country.

Commending its role, they said that radio had generated a good number of artists and icons in the country.

They had the same position that Radio Pakistan Lahore had been an effective tool for motivation and encouragement of public and the country’s defenders in the times of wars and crises. The speakers said that radio was still not dead and finished, but yet has the potential to play the role of a frontline institution to promote art and culture in the country.

The participants remembered Radio Pakistan Lahore as a station having a historic role in the promotion of culture and providing real-time information to the people of far-flung areas of Pakistan through its networks of various regional stations transmitting in more than 20 regional languages.

In order to tell more on the present and historical role of Radio Pakistan Lahore, essays and letters were read to audience. On the occasion, a letter of Allama Iqbal was read on the subject ‘humanity’, which had the credit to get aired for the first time on Radio Pakistan Lahore in 1937. A letter from playwright and popular ‘Talqeen-e-Shah’ programmer Ashfaq Ahmed was also read on the occasion, who could not ensure his presence due to illness.

Dr Amjid Tufail, touching the role of radio Pakistan with regard to promotion of ethics and etiquettes, said that Radio Pakistan Lahore had been a great platform for the promotion of ethics and manners among the public, especially women and children. He said that radio did not only inform the public about the events around them but also had an effective role in correction of Urdu language as well as correction of pronunciation of words.

In the absence of Robi Imtiaz, essay by Robi Imtiaz on the role of radio in the promotion of culture of music and entertainment was read to the audience by Ahmed Aqeel Robi. Elaborating the role, she said artists, singers, musicians, instrumentalists, poets, dramatists and writers from different parts of Pakistan, especially Punjab, became associated with the institution and a new era of cultural and art renaissance emerged in the country.

She continued that music icons of Pakistan like Reshma, Ghulam Ali Jr, Ustad Nazakat Ali Khan, Ustan Salamat Ali Khan, Barket Ali Khan, Ustad Allah Rakha, Roshan Ara Begum, Ustad Amanat Ali, Fateh Ali Khan, Mehdi Hassan, Iqbal Bano, Farida Khanum, Madam Noor Jehan and few others to name initiated their careers from this institution and the institution owed the credit for that.

Short-story writer Neelam Bashar, talking about the role of Radio Pakistan Lahore in encouragement of the morale of public and statesmen in times of wars and crises, said that radio had been an appreciative tool in hard times for the country.

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